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Eurotherm EPC2000


The Eurotherm EPC2000 programmable single loop temperature and process controller provides efficient and repeatable precision control in a convenient and easy to deploy DIN rail and surface mounting format.

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The Eurotherm EPC2000 controller combines precise control and measurement performance with a high speed Ethernet connection incorporating an integral switch for daisy chain connection to supervisors, panels or PLC. Cyber-security is certified to the stringent requirements of Achilles® CRT Level 1.

User function block wiring with optional maths, logic, totaliser and specialised functions allows the unit to take on additional system functions beyond PID control.

The Eurotherm EPC2000 is designed for an extended service life, with FRAM battery-free non-volatile data storage.

The Eurotherm EPC2000 – Accuracy and repeatability

The Eurotherm EPC2000 measurement input is fast and accurate, with exceptional thermal stability, aiding precise and consistent control over long periods without calibration drift. As such it provides excellent front end control for processes requiring accurate control, including aerospace and advanced materials processing.

The Eurotherm PID algorithm delivers fast reacting and repeatable control and has been further enhanced to help reduce overshoot Rapid attainment of operating temperature and low oscillation aids high process throughput at low scrap rates. Different PID settings may be applied in different operating ranges for optimum performance.

Eurotherm EPC2000 Datasheet


Eurotherm EPC2000 Datasheet (HA033270 Issue 2)

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