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Eurotherm E+PLC400 0 Way Base


Advanced control, data management and visualisation in a modular platform solution

  • A modular combination PLC with a choice of base sizes to suit your application
  • Precise control, set-point programmer and tamper resistant recording fully integrated within a PLC application
  • Minimises engineering and commissioning costs while maximising process performance
  • Inbuilt advanced PID and set-point programmer functions
  • Continuous and batch recording
  • Visualisation can be remotely browsed from multiple devices
  • More processing power and I/O, make it suitable for larger machines with more complex functionality
  • Larger memory allows more extensive use of ladder logic and sequencing programs

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The Eurotherm E+PLC400 0 Way Base is a modular PLC designed to meet the stringent regulatory requirements of thermal and other advanced manufacturing industries.

By utilising the open industry standard IEC61131-3 CODESYS® platform, the Eurotherm E+PLC400 0 Way Base enables simplified engineering through a single integrated programming and visualisation environment. Includes advanced function block libraries for:

  • Heat treatment applications
  • Control and data recording
  • ‘OEM security’ and customisation

Unique PID control functions designed by EurothermTM are built in, enabling faster commissioning and tighter control of the overall process, as well as easing conformance to regulatory and end-customer requirements, including:

  • 6 PID sets to help maintain tight control at specific set-points
  • Intelligent auto-tune for optimal control and commissioning
  • Specialised cutback function for overshoot control

Data management embedded in the Eurotherm E+PLC400 0 Way Base helps manufacturers meet strict regulatory process data requirements, including:

  • Eurotherm tamper-resistant UHH file format (a superior alternative to editable CSV files commonly found in PLCs)

Ethernet communication offers connectivity to IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and Industry 4.0 technologies, such as EcoStruxure Manufacturing Compliance Advisor (EMCA).

To assist with operational efficiency, the Eurotherm E+PLC400 0 Way Base has an embedded web server for remote viewing on mobile devices, and can be offered with local visualisation such as the E+HMI150 touchscreen panel.

Eurotherm E+PLC400 Datasheet


Eurotherm E+PLC400 Datasheet (HA032073 Issue 6)

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