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Eurotherm EPack-2PH

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Eurotherm EPack-2PH compact SCR power controllers
Three phase 2 leg control

Designed for fast integration and optimum efficiency

For essential functionalities or non-variable resistive loads, view the EPack™ Lite range.


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End Users continually need to improve operational efficiency and productivity. The Eurotherm EPack-2PH power controller can deliver real savings, significantly reducing your energy costs. Get the best from your operations; quick and easy to install, integrate and commission. A compact size doesn’t compromise powerful and versatile features that minimise costs and improve productivity and quality.

OEMs and system integrators need to be able to react quickly to customer needs while maximising resources. Whether replacing an existing product or designing a new process, the design of the EPack™ power controller has been carefully considered for fast and easy panel installation, commissioning and integration into wider systems, lowering equipment costs, and manufacturing times for you and your customers.

The Eurotherm EPack-2PH is the latest generation of power controllers designed to be a cost effective solution for the control of 3 phase loads. The 2 leg control is particularly adapted to the control of balanced loads, directly, or through transformers. Burst firing avoids generation of harmonics and reduces the consumption of reactive power.

The scalability and configurability of the Eurotherm EPack-2PH fits with the requirements of each application. A wide range of alarms can quickly identify a controller detected fault which reduces downtime.

Key Features:

  • Nominal load current from 1 amp to 125 amps
  • Voltage up to 500V
  • Compact DIN Rail and bulkhead mounting
  • Configurable via front panel or Eurotherm software (iTools)
  • Plug and play Ethernet communications with Zero configuration networking (zeroconf)
  • V2 , I2 or True power control
  • Controls comprehensive range of loads: resistive, infrared, transformer primary, silicon carbide
  • Energy usage measurement
  • Advanced load diagnostics
  • Integrated dual port Ethernet switch for “daisy chained” communications
  • Modbus® TCP or Ethernet IP protocols
  • Defend OEM knowledge and IP (OEM Security)

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Additional information

Maximum Current of Unit

16A Maximum Current [16A], 25A Maximum Current [25A], 32A Maximum Current [32A], 40A Maximum Current [40A], 50A Maximum Current [50A], 63A Maximum Current [63A], 80A Maximum Current [80A], 100A Maximum Current [100A], 125A Maximum Current [125A]

Eurotherm EPack 2PH Datasheet


Eurotherm EPack 2PH Datasheet (HA032852 Issue 2)

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